Peaks View Farm

At the Farm

Nestled on Lowell Mountain in the North East Kingdom of Vermont


Broiler Chickens - August availability

Farm Fresh L/XL eggs

Duck Eggs - Great for baking

Ducks (Pekins & Mallards) - October

The Honeybees here on the farm feed on our lavish gardens  and surroundings producing about 300 lbs of honey each fall


The hives at Peaks View Farm

are untreated and unheated

creating the purest honey 

on Lowell Mountain.  

In search of the quiet life, Charles and Cynthia Boulmetis, found paradise on Lowell Mountain with serene mountain views and summer nights lit by the stars as far as you can see.  Charlie "Bear" minored in animal science and husbandry in college setting the stage for his "semi-retired" life.  Since 2010,  Bear, the Beekeeper and Co-Farm Manager along with his wife, Cynthia "Honey," the sales lady and idea person for value added & add-on services where they both oversee the happenings at Peaks View Farm.

The Boulmetis' share their lifestyle of tranquility

with 18 Dorset Sheep, 30 Chickens, 12 Ducks and 100,000+ Honey Bees

​Life is good.


Available for spinning: 

  • California Red Skirted Wool
  • Polled Dorset Wool

Hypo-Allergenic Wool Comforters and Pillows also available for purchase


4101 Vt Rt 58 E, Lowell, Vermont 05847


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Our Polled Dorset Sheep are pasture grazing, grass fed, disease and pesticide free; Producing the leanest and tastiest lamb in the area.  This particular sheep breed is ideal for your lambing times since they can breed all year round.

Sheep and lambs available for:

  • breeding stock
  • whole on the hoof
  •  freezer meat

Available for High Holidays